Customer Reviews and Comments

Some feedback from participants on previous programmes :

A great way of getting the message across that a lot of organisations have been trying to get across – for years! (NHS Education Manager)
Absolutely Brilliant!  Everything they say in ‘How To Get It Wrong’ is correct! (Staff Development Director)
It’s culture change we’re looking for, and the Group can do that in a way that a lot of us can’t. (NHS Education Manager)

A revelation! (Day Services Staff)
The best course I’ve ever been on. (Support Worker)
Who better to train support workers than the people we support? (Day Services Staff)

Brilliant, enlightening and humbling! (Health Centre Staff)
Just plain wonderful!(Clinical Services Manager)
There will be many changes when I go back. (Practice Manager)

One of the best workshops I’ve attended in 28 years working in General Practice.(Practice Manager)
a different perspective – what may seem minor to staff are major issues for service users.(NHS Education Manager)