Research Work

We undertake a range of projects and campaigns, acting as consultants on Learning Disability issues and serving as committee members for organisations like:

  • Golden Jubilee Hospital
  • West Dunbartonshire Council Strategy Group
  • Lomond & Argyll Advocacy Service
  • Scottish Consortium on Learning Disability
  • Scottish Government
  • NHS Scotland

and many more.

In 1999, we published a report ‘What’s A Good Life’, which was the result of some research we carried out to find out what made a good life for people with learning disabilities. The main result was: exactly the same things that make a good life for anybody! We discovered that everybody wants to have access to:

good Health Services
good Housing
access to Education
productive Work to do
a lively and satisfying Social Life

Ronnie talks about the Shadow PIP
Ronnie talks about the Shadow PIP

In 2003, West Dunbartonshire Council–in partnership with Argyle and Clyde Health Board–were working to produce their first PIP (Partnership in Practice) Agreement, setting out their three year plans for Learning Disability Services.  The Good Life Group suggested that, since we were best-placed to know what makes good services, we should make recommendations to them.  We carried out research on the services in our area, and in 2004 we produced a Shadow PIP with recommendations on Health, Housing, Education, Employment and Leisure Services. Some of our recommendations were adopted as part of the official West Dunbartonshire Council’s 2004 PIP, and we updated these for the 2008 Agreement.

Since then, we have contributed to other research projects such as the Scottish Government’s A Question of Access research in 2008, and recent research on access to health services at Golden Jubilee Hospital.