The Group presented two sessions as part of an information and discussion event about Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board’s plans for redesign of Learning Disability Services.  A full report will follow from Ronnie.

One of the things the event looked at was the fact that services can be different depending on where you live in the Health Board area – for instance, some people get a specialist Learning Disability professional (eg a Speech & Language Therapist, or a Dietician, etc) coming to their home; but others go to their local Health Centre for these kinds of services.  As part of discussions after the event, the Good Life Group came up with their own list of advantages and disadvantages of attending the Health Centre for services:


Going to the Health Centre helps with developing your independence

It gives you the chance to socialise with other patients and staff

You can speak more freely than you can at home

You feel more comfortable talking about Health in a Health Centre

There are more medical facilities

Reception staff are friendly and polite

The TV magazines in Reception are good

You can see the doctor there too if you need to

You can get your whole health checked



Some facilities eg toilets need to be improved

You don’t always know where to go

If there are too many people in Reception it can make you anxious

You sometimes have to wait a long time to be seen

You have to get a taxi to go and they can be expensive

It can be difficult to get an appointment

You don’t always see the same person