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The Group recently provided two very successful new training sessions on Adult Support & Protection as part of an event for service users, carers and support professionals in West Dunbartonshire.

The event was designed to raise awareness of  the Adult Support & Protection Act and of Adult Support Committee services, and to give people information on what to do if they, or someone they know, is at risk of harm.

There were two half-day sessions, and at each the Group performed three specially-designed short scenarios showcasing different types of harm:

  • Financial: a daughter taking money from her elderly parents
  • Sexual: a sexual harassment incident at a club for learning disabled adults
  • Physical: a care-worker abusing a stroke sufferer in a residential home

and after each scene there was a focused and lively discussion with the audience, guided by the facilitator and the Group members, on how to protect people at risk of harm.

The sessions were designed to address issues relevant to a wide range of vulnerable adults, and although the scenarios performed were themed around specific areas, they inevitably touched on issues of Social, Psychological and Emotional harm as well.

Feedback on the event was overwhelmingly positive.  Comments included:

  • ‘… put the message across of all the relevant abuse problems’
  • ‘…great … really interesting’
  • ‘…first class scenarios … essential to deliver the message
  • ‘…put the message across better than something put up on a screen’
  • ‘…very powerful and thought provoking’
Another great result for Good Life Group training!

Training Programmes

Our programmes use a mix of lively practical exercises and discussions to explore theproblems that we face when trying to access services. Using Forum Theatre, participants watch scenes exploring these problems, and can try out solutions and strategies to overcome them with instant feedback from us. Participants learn ‘from the horse’s mouth’ about the everyday […]

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We undertake a range of projects and campaigns, acting as consultants on Learning Disability issues and serving as committee members for organisations.

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