NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde has decided that some changes need to be made to make sure that Adult Learning Disability Services meet people’s needs properly.  They wanted to make sure that service users had their say about how to improve things, so they invited people from a number of groups to attend a discussion event in February.

Service users, carers and support workers came along from different groups:

  • People First
  • TAG from Glasgow, Clyde Coast and Dunbartonshire
  • Scottish Consortium for Learning Disabilities
  • The Good Life Group

The Good Life Group provided the main part of the event, performing three plays to show the problems service users can have when they’re trying to get services, and helping to facilitate the Discussion Groups after each play.  The plays were performed by Allan, Angela, Dawn, Derek, David, Gordon, Katrina, Margaret, Ronnie, Sally and Tracy, and Linda facilitated the discussions.

The first play was called:

We Do Things Differently Here!

What happens when someone moves to a new area and finds that she has to go to her local health centre instead of receiving her services at home.

The audience discussed the good and bad points about going to a health centre for services, and came up with some great ideas for how to avoid problems.

The two other plays looked at when happens when service providers don’t work together and don’t share information.  The plays were:

Too Many Questions!

Lots of service providers come to assess a person’s needs, and they all ask the same questions.

Too Much Information!

All the service providers give their advice, but there’s too much of it, and the service user doesn’t know what to do first.

The audience again came up with some great suggestions on how to make things easier for service users.

After the Discussion Groups had reported all their suggestions for improvement, everyone had a chance to talk about them.  A full report of the discussions and suggestions is being printed and will be sent out soon to all service users in the area.

Tom Kelly, Change Manager for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, said the discussion points and suggestions from the Groups would make a very valuable contribution to the planning for change, and all the points people had made would be taken forward to the next stage of the planning process.

Report by Linda McLaughlin and Ronnie Creamer


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