About Us

What is The Good Life Group?

Group members chat at a meeting
Group Members Chat at a Meeting

We are a group of people with learning disabilities, and our mission is to help people to have a good life. Our members are nearly all resident in West Dunbartonshire – although we do have one from Paisley! – and we’re all committed to working to make life better for people wherever they live.

Watch the DVD extract below to meet some of our members and find out some more about us.

The History of The Group

The Good Life Group began in 2003, as a follow up to the ‘What’s a Good Life’ research project, which had taken place in 1999.

Meet The Members

What’s the Best Thing About The Group?

Some of our members talk about what they like about being a member of the Group.

Why Does The Group Do Training?

Members talk about why we do training, and what it does for them and for the people we train.

Why Should People Join The Group?

Some of our members talk about why they joined the Group and what members get out of it.

Future Plans

Members talk about what the future holds for the Group.

Useful Contacts

A list of contacts that we think are useful.