3rd APRIL 2013


The ‘Art of Living’ was a free event for anyone who requires extra support with living or who has an interest in social care.  The Arches exhibition space was set up like a market place with stalls from 60 different organisations and companies who deliver a range of social and life services and supports.

The stalls were split into 5 different themes:

  1. Your home and community
  2. Your love and relationships
  3. Your money, rights and contribution
  4. Your health and care supports
  5. Your spare time

Ronnie, Gordon, Sally and Paul from the Group went along.


Ronnie reported ‘It was a good afternoon with lots of stalls, eg  Cornerstone , Enable, The Forestry Commission, Strathclyde Fire Brigade, etc. We told them about the Good Life Group and what we do.  It was interesting to talk to the Cornerstone Glasgow Stall as I am working for Cornerstone West Dunbartonshire.’


Paul said it was good fun and Gordon said he really enjoyed it.


Sally felt it was a useful day for her as she learned a lot about different services she didn’t know about.  She said ‘I’ll be able to share this information with the people I support in West Dunbartonshire’.


 Report by: Ronnie Creamer and Sally Swadel