On Monday 22nd April several groups got together to share information about their groups and discuss safety in the community.  Members of the SUN Group, Dalmuir Locality, the Good Life Group, Cornerstone/Task Group and Cornerstone/Jigsaw Group gave a short talk on their work.

Ronnie, Margaret, and Gordon attended and talked to the group about the work of the Good Life Group and the training we deliver for staff in health and support.

Here is a report on the meeting, put together by Ronnie and other people who were present:

The day started with a ‘True or False’ quiz and then each group introduced themselves and explained what their group was about

Duncan Raey gave a presentation about things people can do to keep safe, eg:

(1)              Saying ‘no’ to cold callers (at the door or on the phone)

(2)             Using mobile phones safely

(3)             Using cash machines safely

(4)             Not giving strangers personal or banking information

(5)             Staying in well-lit areas and being cautious about talking to strangers

Gini Jones, a support worker, then explained about ‘Chip & Sign’ – this is different from ‘Chip & pin’, some people find it is better for them.  Banks can help with this

Police Constable Andy Crawford then gave a presentation about Scams, where a bogus caller might come to your door pretending to be someone official (eg from a power supplier) to get into your house.  The Officer gave advice about how to guard against this:

(1)             Always have the chain on your door

(2)             Always ask callers for identification.

(3)             If they don’t give you that, don’t let them in, and phone the police.

(3)             Never give your personal details on websites etc.

PC Crawford also told us about the new police force: Police Scotland, and talked about the Adult Support and Protection Act (2007) – a law which can be used to help people be safe.

After lunch we watched a film called ‘A Voice to Trust’, this was about the role of Independent Advocacy, but it was also to remind people that we all deserve respect and fair treatment, and we can get support to speak up.


What happens next?

If you’re interested in being part of a planning group to take forward the next event, contact Joan Fraser at Lomond and Argyll Advocacy Group.

The next meeting should be in July.